Website Fees / Jenkins Status

As of December 31, 2018

Website Fees Actual:   $74.95  Domain Name fee, 5 years with discount
                      $499.00  Classquest fee, 5 years with discount
                     $ 573.95  total expense

Donations to Date:    $925

   $351.05 is heading to the Charlie Jenkins Memorial Award fund.


  Wow!  We reached the 4 year goal with almost the speed of light.  The goal was upped to 5 years at $700 (before multi-year discounts), and now we've met that too!!.


  There will be no more goal changes as of today, September 29, 2018; all monies received after today will be summed into a donation for the Charlie Jenkins Memorial Award fund and will be sent to the high school by the end of December 2018. I will send ALL donors an email for his/her tax deductible portion of the Jenkins donation.

Example: Say $1,000 is received in total by December 15.  The $700 spent on fees is not deductable, so each donor will get his/her proportional share of $300 as a tax deduction. The amount will be documented in an email to each donor.  Class tax accountants are welcome to send an email to with a better way.

IF you want your Jenkins donation to be fully deductable, send it directly to the high school at: Charlie Jenkins Memorial Award

   WP High School, 550 North Street, White Plains NY 10605-3004

Donors:  Bill Gould       Jeff Fink                 Jeff Lehman

  Ed Rosenberg     Constance Rolison Corbett Cori White Brown

  Doug Maas        Cheryl Benedetto Manzo    Walter Popper          

  David Ackerman   Victor Conte              Susan Wolff Post

  Bill Barish      Neal Zimmerman            Judy Zauderer Moureau

  Bill Anthony     Peggy Gussman McCormack   Marc Weinstein

After September 29, 2018

  Jan Nielsen      Randy Holden              Judy Tabibian Kurjian

  Judy Lee         John Berger               Linda Black Brill

  Helen Magnuson



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