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Arelene Gould, Paul Goldsmith. Post Road Jr. High Prom
Mamaroneck Av Elementary - via Judy Zauderer Moureau, 5th grade or so...
Hartsdale Junior High 6th Grade Class play, School Steps, Mrs. Creaven, Class Trip
Hartsdale Jr High 1959 Graduating Class List
Hartsdale Jr High 1959 Graduating Class
The Blackhawks basketball team, 6th or 7th grade. Back row, left to right - Bill Barish's dad (and coach), Ricky Roberts, Dave Ackerman, Finn Kersgard, Bill B. Front row, left to right: Dave Mundel, Jeff Miller, Peter Grobe, Bob Dunphy.
Mamaroneck Ave. Elementary School basketball team. Back row, left to right: Dave Ackerman, Paul Smith, Bob Frasek, Bill Barish. Front row, left to right: Bob North, Peter Grobe, Dave Mundel and Finn Kersgard. Paul and Bob F. left White Plains before we
Bill Barish and Barbara Trencher learning to dance.
These two pictures are the Eastview Jr. High School graduating class of 1959. if you went there can you find yourself?
Dave Ackerman, Dave Mundel and Ed Rosenberg "Playing football" in Speedy's back yard. We were 9 years old.
This Audubon Club photo was taken in one of the classrooms at Battle Hill School in 1953 or 1954. See how many kids you can recognize - Nino Getts
Post Road Albany trip 1957, sent by Martha Ann Priestly Rhea on Gov. Harriman's right arm. Also are Eve Ellen Himoff, Bobby North, Ed Davidson, Bill Glass, Steve Axelrod, Steve Braziller, Arthur Seward, Willie Hodges, Patt Hipp and Karen Adams.
Miss McCarthy's 4th grade school play, Mamaroneck Ave, Bill Barish, Peter Grobe, (Indians) Claire Taylor, and me, Lena Emmery
At Gary's house 1957; Andy Austin far left, Dave Ackerman left of Gary, Gary Rich holding book, Neal Zimmerman(big cheeks) right of Gary, Andy Maizner far right
1957, Gene Epstein, Jeff Miller, Bob Lisk, David Ackerman, Neal Zimmerman, Bill Barish
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