Profile Instructions

Getting To Your Profile
  You must sign in first with your username (typically your email address) and password.
  Need your password?  Send email to
    Put your name and 'Password' in the Subject line.
  Click LOGIN on Welcome screen after typing username and password.
Best Way To Profile
     Click MY PROFILE icon (at bottom of the Login 'box' after logging in.

     Scroll down next page, and click the "Edit My Profile" icon appearing towards the bottom of the page.
     Click "Update" at profile bottom to save changes.
  You can also find yourself in "Classmates" pages.
    Use the Search box by entering a part of your name.
      Click Search button.
        Click the "Edit My Profile" icon below your name.

Profile Data Fields
  The field names in bold font and those with red asterisks ** will be displayed in the Class Directory web pages and in the Oracle 1962 Gold Edition if you release them.  
  Remember to click "Update" at page bottom of the profile for any change(s) to be effective.

   First name:**  Also used for postal mail as needed.  Replace it with a nickname if you like, or you can show  Robert 'Bob'  as an example.
   Middle name: (or middle initial) Only really used to help find classmates via search tools.  No harm if it's in your profile.
   Last name:**  As an adult.  Also used for postal mail.
   Maiden name:**  Last name when at WPHS. (Used mostly for the ladies. We have a few men who now use a different last name.)
   Spouse name:  Enter IF a reunion name tag is needed for a spouse, partner, significant other, friend. Leave this empty if your spouse is also a '62. First name is needed.  Add spouse's last name if it's different from your adult last name.

   Street:**, City:**, State or province:**, ZIP or postcode:**  Your primary postal mail address.  IF your primary address is OUTSIDE the USA, click the blue "Outside the USA" link.
      Enter Country** name in it's box and press Enter key. 
            The State code field turns into State/Province, enter the data.
            The ZIP code field turns into Postal code, enter the data. 


      To optionally display a work** or seasonal or vacation home postal** address, use the "More Contact Info About You" web page.

   Phone:**  field is for non-mobile phone numbers (landline OR Internet VOIP service).  If you use only a cell phone, leave the Phone field blank.  Please include the USA area code and if you live outside the USA:
     1) Canada and Mexico use USA style 10 digit numbers with 'area' codes.
     2) For other countries,  type  Intl (international) followed by 
the numeric country code and the rest of the number. 

   Cell:**  Your mobile phone number.  The area code and outside the USA notes above are applicable.

   Other phone:  Leave this blank.  To optionally display a work** and/or seasonal or vacation home** phone use the "More Contact Info About You" web page.
   Email:**  Your primary email address for reunion/class communications.  To optionally display a work email ** address, use the "More Contact Info About You" web page.

     Checkbox  'Allow classmates to contact ...'  Click on the box to put a checkmark in the box or remove it.  IF checked, email can be sent to you via the blue 'Send an email to...' link by your name in the "Classmates" page.  NOTE that the sender does not see your email address.  Email sent this way may end up in the recipient's Spam folder depending on email service provider logic.

   Website message:  This text appears below your name in the Classmates pages.  Try to keep it to no more than 5 sentences.  It is typically used for reunion related text but can be any message you'd like between reunions.

   Directory bio:**  Write as much or as little as you like.  The 'bio text' will not be seen on the web site per se, BUT will be a part of your page in the Oracle 1962 Gold Edition to be published after the reunion.  You will receive an email reminder a few weeks before publishing date.

   Networking:  These links are entirely optional and appear by your name on the "Classmates" pages.  Use the "Help" links by each of the named web sites.

   Attendance:  Used only about 1 year prior to a reunion for the "Who Is Coming?" web page.  Please be about 80% sure if you click the "I plan to attend ..." button.

   News updates:  The button clicked controls how often you are sent email that is AUTOMATICALLY sent by the web site for new Message Board postings and other changes to the web site by the organizers such as photo album additions.

   Release:**  Click the box to put a checkmark in it for the data you authorize to be shown on "Class Directory" web pages.  Checking the Phone box will apply to your phone and/or cell phone numbers in the profile.  There are separate authorizations in the "More Contact Info About You" web page for other contact info.
       What you check is entirely up to you regarding how you want your classmates to be able to
contact you.
       Only classmates and guests with passwords can access the directory pages.  The CD
version of the Oracle Gold will be mailed to only classmates, spouses of deceased classmates, and guests who have been issued a web site password. Target publication for the Oracle is now around the end of November  2013.

   Memory book:**  Means the Oracle 1962 Gold Edition.  If you click the box to put a checkmark in it, the Release:  section checkmarks above will apply to the Oracle as well.  No checkmark means no contact information will be in the yearbook from the profile.  Please note the separate authorizations in the "More Contact Info About You?" web page that you submit.

   Then and now:  The uploaded photos appearing by your name on the Classmates pages. Click the "Browse" button to locate a photo on your computer to replace the existing image.

   "To change your password ..."  Self explanatory.

   Remember to click "Update" at page bottom for any change(s) to be effective.

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