Tiger Hunt, Find Our Missing Classmates

We had a contest to find missing classmates for the 50th reunion which Frans Seastrand won.

We continue to look for 'the missing' and hope that we can find a lot more before the next reunion.

Click on a name on the  Missing Classmates web page.  Enter the information.  You can also send email to:   wphs62reunion@gmail.com

Click the 'Tiger Trail' in the navigation bar at the left of this page to see info submitted by others that can help you search and make contact.  When the classmate is found, the name will be removed from the Missing List and added to the top of the Tiger Trail page.

We've found 504, 205 to go as of May, 2014

Arthur Seward now has an email address provided by Trish Carter '66.



'Old' Rules for the 50th Reunion contest:

  1. Earn 3 points by providing a postal address, email address or phone number known to be accurate as  you have made contact with the classmate.  Type "confirmed" in the Comments: box, or verifiable memorial information.

  2. Earn 1 point per classmate for any item below that can help to find the classmate.  Don't go back more than 20 years except for married names and schools after WPHS.

  Adult last name for women where only student last name is shown, or an update to adult last name.
  A state lived in with the correct adult last name.
  Old address including street, city and state.
  Old land line or cell phone number
  Old email address
  School(s) attended after WPHS (we'd like these ASAP)

    The above will be shown on the Tiger Trail webpage so any Tiger Hunter
    can use the info to search, make confirmed contact to earn 3 points.

  3. Entries close midnight August 15, 2012 Eastern time.

  4. Winner will be announced by September 7, 2012.

  5. Tickets won can be transferred or donated or you can get a refund if you've already bought 1 or 2.
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